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a modern and open framework for MS-based proteomics.
(Alignment of Multiple Protein Sequences) a suite of programs for protein multiple sequence alignment, pairwise alignment, statistical analysis and flexible pattern matching.
Comet MS/MS searches uninterpreted tandem mass spectra of peptides against sequence databases.
Retention time prediction for (modified) peptides using Deep Learning.
a tool to predict protein structure, function, and mutations using evolutionary sequence covariation.
(Fast and Accurate Multiple Sequence Aligner) implements an algorithm for large-scale multiple sequence alignments (400k proteins in 2 hours and 8BG of RAM).
an open-source software package for sensitive protein sequence searching based on the pairwise alignment of hidden Markov models (HMMs).
is used for searching sequence databases for sequence homologs, and for making sequence alignments. It implements methods using probabilistic models called profile hidden Markov models (profile HMMs).
a multiple sequence alignment program for unix-like operating systems. It offers a range of multiple alignment methods, L-INS-i (accurate; for alignment of <200 sequences), FFT-NS-2 (fast; for alignment of <30,000 sequences).
fast and flexible semi-supervised learning for peptide detection.
a tool to integrate a number of Shotgun proteomics tools, generating ready to use result files.
OpenMS is an open-source software C++ library for LC-MS data management and analyses. It offers an infrastructure for rapid development of mass spectrometry related software.
semi-supervised learning for peptide identification from shotgun proteomics datasets.
a suite of tools for processing of metabolomics data.