• BioGrids: an initiative to provide centralized, cross-disciplinary scientific software support, based on the SBGrid model. Read more in eLIFE.

  • A segmented purkinje cell (turquoise) extends collaterals, forming synapses (gold/red) in the cerebellum, from the HMS Image and Data Analysis Core. Learn more.

  • HMS's Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC) is building a comprehensive Drosophila insulin signaling network (InsulinNet).

Recent Software Updates

Jun 14 | DROP

(Detection of RNA Outlier Pipeline) pipeline to find aberrant gene expression events in RNA sequencing data. >>

Jun 14 | Cell Ranger

a set of analysis pipelines that process Chromium single-cell RNA-seq output to align reads, generate feature-barcode matrices and perform … >>

Jun 14 | scan2

Genotyper for somatic SNV and indel discovery in PTA-amplified single cells. >>

Jun 10 | TreeTime

TreeTime provides routines for ancestral sequence reconstruction and inference of molecular-clock phylogenies. >>

Jun 10 | PhaseDel

PhaseDel is a Java-based variant caller designed for detecting somatic deletions from high-coverage (~30x) single-cell whole-genome sequenc… >>

Jun 10 | FreeSurfer

is a software package for the analysis and visualization of structural and functional neuroimaging data from cross-sectional or longitudina… >>

Jun 09 | CRKIT

CRKIT (Computational Radiology Kit) is a collection of algorithms and image processing tools developed by the Computational Radiology Labor… >>

Latest news

SBGrid/Harvard Shield

BioGrids Technology Breakfasts

Join us once monthly for our BioGrids Technology Breakfast where we'll hear about research computing tools and services available to the Harvard community and get updates from a variety of …

SBGrid/Harvard Shield

Training Opportunities at HMS

A range of bioinformatics training opportunities are available to HMS researchers, with classes ranging from 2-hour introductory Python lectures to a 10-day in-depth NSG data analysis courses. Check out the …