• BioGrids: an initiative to provide centralized, cross-disciplinary scientific software support, based on the SBGrid model. Read more in eLIFE.

  • A segmented purkinje cell (turquoise) extends collaterals, forming synapses (gold/red) in the cerebellum, from the HMS Image and Data Analysis Core. Learn more.

  • HMS's Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC) is building a comprehensive Drosophila insulin signaling network (InsulinNet).

Recent Software Updates

Jul 27 | FastME

FastME provides distance algorithms to infer phylogenies. >>

Jul 27 | fastq-scan

fastq-scan reads a FASTQ from STDIN and outputs summary statistics (read lengths, per-read qualities, per-base qualities) in JSON format. >>

Jul 26 | abPOA

abPOA is an extended version of Partial Order Alignment (POA) that performs adaptive banded dynamic programming (DP) with an SIMD implement… >>

Jul 26 | srprism

Short Read Alignment Tool >>

Jul 26 | HULK

HULK is a tool that creates small, fixed-size sketches from streaming microbiome sequencing data, enabling rapid metagenomic dissimilarity … >>

Jul 26 | skesa

Strategic Kmer Extension for Scrupulous Assemblies >>

Jul 26 | tn93

Compute pairwise distances between aligned nucleotide sequences in sequential FASTA format using the Tamura Nei 93 distance. >>

Latest news

SBGrid/Harvard Shield

BioGrids Technology Breakfasts

Join us once monthly for our BioGrids Technology Breakfast where we'll hear about research computing tools and services available to the Harvard community and get updates from a variety of …

SBGrid/Harvard Shield

Training Opportunities at HMS

A range of bioinformatics training opportunities are available to HMS researchers, with classes ranging from 2-hour introductory Python lectures to a 10-day in-depth NSG data analysis courses. Check out the …