Supported Operating Systems

The BioGrids Software Suite can run on Linux and OS X machines.


We build and test software under 64-bit Red Hat 6. The majority of our Linux users are using the Red Hat/CentOS/Scientific Linux or Fedora distributions, but we also have labs using the software with Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuSE. We don't explicitly test the software on these distributions, but it is known to work, and we will work to resolve problems reported by users of these Linux distributions.

We officially support the two most recent releases of Red Hat/CentOS/Scientific Linux (currently 6 and 7) and the two most recent releases of Fedora Linux. At this time, only 64-bit versions of linux are fully supported. As of January 2015, we are no longer updating the 32-bit software branch, though we will work to resolve reported problems.

Currently Supported:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and 7.x and the community supported versions: CentOS and Scientific Linux.
  • We are no longer building software for RHEL 5.x, but compatible applications will remain in the software tree. We will respond to support requests for these and we will resolve problems where possible.

OS X Intel

We build and test the programs under the most five most recent OS X releases.

Currently Supported:

  • OS X Intel 10.11 and up
  • As above with earlier versions of linux, there are many software applications that are fully functional on earlier versions of MacOSX in the BioGrids tree. We work to maintain an environment compatible with these OS versions, though they may not receive the latest applications available.