Installing the BioGrids software collection

The BioGrids Software Suite contains 400+ Scientific software applications for Linux and OS X.

The software can be installed using one of 3 methods:

* Site installation : A script-based installation that includes the complete software collection for Linux and/or MacOS.

This is ideal for large labs, shared and departmental installations that use a shared network file storage for their programs. The installation is updated automatically on a monthly basis. This installation is large and can take some time to install.

* Graphical installation for MacOS

The MacOS GUI installation client allows users to select the applications they need when they need them through a MacOS-native graphical client. Applications are updated on a rolling basis and are available to the user at their convenience. Updates are reported to be available, but are managed by the user.

* Command line installation using the BioGrids package mangager for Linux and MacOS

The BioGrids CLI tool allows users to choose the titles they wish to install using a command-line driven package manager. Applications can be installed and updated as convenient. Updates are released on a rolling basis and can be installed by the user as necessary. This client can be made automatic or used in manual mode.

Member labs may use any/all of the installation types above for as many Computers as they require.