BioGrids For SBGrid Users

How to access BioGrids

  • Download the Installation Manager (IM)
  • Use your SBGrid Installation Manager credentials to launch.
  • If you don't have an existing IM account register for one

Full site installations

  • Is BioGrids included in your installation?

    • Run the command sbinfo:
        $ sbinfo
        Installation      : my-lab-site
        Grid              : BIOGRIDS  SB
  • Request that BioGrids be added to your installation by sending mail to

BioGrids works in the same way as SBGrid:

source /programs/biogrids.shrc

SBGrid and BioGrids cannot be active at the same time.

The easist way to manage this is to open a new shell for each environment.

BioGrids Quick Start

Start the BioGrids environment:

source /programs/biogrids.shrc

List available titles:

cat /programs/x86_64-linux/biogrids_x86_64-linux

cat /programs//i386-mac/biogrids_i386-mac

Get version and override info:

biogrids-info -l star

Get list of executables for a title:

biogrids-list star

For BioGrids specific help send mail to: