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  • Description

    a program to model and detect macromolecular systems, genetic pathways in protein datasets. In prokaryotes, these systems have often evolutionarily conserved properties: they are made of conserved components and are encoded in compact loci (conserved genetic architecture). The user models these systems with MacSyFinder to reflect these conserved features and to allow their efficient detection.

  • Usage

    To list all executables provided by MacSyFinder, run: $ biogrids-list macsyfinder Copy to clipboard
  • Installation

    Use the following command to install this title with the CLI client: $ biogrids-cli install macsyfinder Copy to clipboard Available operating systems: Linux 64, OS X INTEL
  • Primary Citation*

    S. S. Abby, B. Néron, H. Ménager, M. Touchon, and R. EP.. 2014. MacSyFinder: a program to mine genomes for molecular systems with an application to CRISPR-Cas systems. PLoS One.. 9(10): 110726.

    • *Full citation information available through