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  • Description

    a free tool offered by Golden Helix that delivers stunning visualizations of your genomic data, enabling you to see what is occurring at each base pair in your samples.

  • Citation Note

    Please cite software as follows: "Golden Helix GenomeBrowse ® visualization tool (Version 2.x) [Software]. Bozeman, MT: Golden Helix, Inc. Available from" where version 2.x should be replaced with the version number.

    Please cite screenshots from GenomeBrowse as follows in the text of an article: "Screenshots are from Golden Helix GenomeBrowse ® visualization tool v2.x by Golden Helix, Inc. Images (list numbers) are from the software." where v2.x should be replaced with the version number. If dot version number is unknown, v2 or v1 can be used. Image numbers should be listed in citation.